CAD Translation Services:

So you have a lot of legacy CAD drawings for your existing products. There is an increasing need to move existing CAD data from your older 3D CAD platforms into SolidWorks®. E2P can be a big help in this area. Let us reclaim that legacy archive and return it to you fully recognized, usable, and productive SolidWorks® files.

  • Pro-Engineer® or Pro-E to SolidWorks®
  • AutoCAD® Mechanical Desktop® to SolidWorks®
  • AutoCAD® 2D & 3D to SolidWorks®
  • Others [IGES] to SolidWorks®
  • Re-create CAD drawings from your existing manual legacy drawings, part samples, or detailed sketches.

Our BASIC SERVICE converts your hardcopy or scanned (TIF or PDF) documents into electronic CAD files. The documents are 100% manually drafted into CAD to match the original sheets exactly. All sheets are drafted as full-scale 1:1, dimensionally accurate, layered and 100% line connections (no scanning or vectorizing).

Our CUSTOM SERVICE targets your customized CAD drafting requirements. Submit your in-house layering system, titleblock, fonts, background CAD files and we will implement them as part of your CAD drafting project.

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