1. Website:
    E2P's website does not use "cookies".  While the majority of cookie use on the Internet is for legitimate and beneficial purposes, E2P have elected to not employ them on our website.  E2P does not use "spyware", "bots", or any type of advertising or solicitation mechanisms.

  2. Information Request form:
    Information gathered in our Information Request form is used strictly for its most obvious intended purpose--to allow us to contact you about your product needs.  In no case will that information be passed on to others in the form of a mailing list or other referral medium.

  3. Testimonials:
    Any customer testimonials or other letters are displayed in anonymous form only.  No customer names or addresses will ever be disclosed on this website, and no customer name or telephone number will be given as a reference without prior approval.

  4. Testimonials:
    In the course of business between E2P and your organization, it will be necessary for you disclose information related to your project.
    All of the information that is disclosed is considered proprietary and confidential.
    Any information submitted to E2P from your organization will not be disclosed in any manner, to any third party, for any reason
    It is agreed that all tangible information, including but not limited to; sketches, studies, designs, drawings, models, trade secrets, confidential information, customer relationships, special skills and photographs created in the course of business will be the property of your organization.

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