Engineering 2 Production, Inc. provides "one stop" shopping for all your design engineering services.
Design engineering is a multi-step process including:
  • Concepting
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Product Development
  • Engineering
  • Modeling
  • Documentation
  • Analysis
  • GD&T Analysis
  • Prototyping (parts and build)
  • On-Site Support
As a leader in providing practical design and analysis, E2P provides an effective way for companies to expand their engineering capabilities. You provide the specifications, sketches, and concepts and E2P will do the rest.

Services Available:
  • Design for Manufacture, Molds, Fixturing, Tool & Die,
  • We will take your 2D or 3D legacy data or drawings and prepare SolidWorks® 3D parts and fabrication drawing
  • Solidworks® Drafting Support - We will do the details from your SolidWorks® part files and return ANSI standard drawings for fabrication
  • SolidWorks® Assembly Drawings with Bill of Materials
  • Inventors, Patent Attorneys, and Entrepreneurs, Special confidential and secure support services
  • Support for you ECO/ECN tasks as well
  • Rapid Prototyping Services & Stereolithography
  • FEA Analysis - evaluate a component or product's performance with respect to simulated loads and operating conditions
  • GD&T Analysis - evaluate functional design requirements for a given feature of a piece part which leads to a reduction in manufacturing and inspection cost as the direct result of improved communication between the functions of Design, Manufacturing, and Inspection
  • On-Site Support

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